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A Garden Pond Can Add Value to Your Home and Provide You With Hours of Enjoyment & Relaxation. Building Your Own Garden Pond Can Be a Very Rewarding Experience and It Is Relatively Simple To Do. If You Are Thinking About Building Your Own Garden Pond, Or Simply Want to See What It Takes to Do So, Please Stop By Our Store and Visit With Us. We Have Everything You Need to Get Started.


Garden Pond Supplies We Stock...

  • Laguna 45 mil Rubber Ponds Liners  
  • Tetra Pond Pumps
  • Pondmaster Pond Pumps
  • Pond Filters & Skimmers
  • UV Sterilizers (help prevent green water)
  • Pond Tubing
  • Pond Fountains
  • Submersible Pond Lights
  • Pond Spitters
  • Koi & Goldfish Foods
  • Pond Algaecides
  • Pond Water Conditioners & Chemicals
  • Barley Straw & Barley Straw Extract
  • Koi & Goldfish (during pond season)
  • Water Lillies (during pond season)
  • Water Hyacinth (during pond season)

Below is Our Koi Pond in Front of Our Store.
Check it Out When You Come Visit Us.


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