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Country Pets & Ponds Stocks Live Aquarium Plants

Aquarium Plants We Often Have in Stock....

  • Amazon Sword Plants 
  • Brazilian Sword Plants
  • Oriental Sword Plants
  • Crypt Lutea
  • Bronze Wendth
  • Red Wendth
  • Green Wendth
  • Java Moss
  • Pennywort
  • Dwarf Lilly
  • Moss Balls

Live Pond Plants We Stock During Pond Season...
  • Water Hyacinth 
  • Marginal Potted Plants
  • Water Lillies-Potted

Aquarium & Pond Plant Fertilizers

We also stock several brands of liquid plant foods and fertilizer tabs for aquarium plants, as well as pond plants to make your plants thrive. We also carry liquid CO2 supplements to promote aquarium plant growth.

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