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Welcome to Country Pets & Ponds Website...

Country Pets & Ponds is a full line pet store that is located in Warrensburg, Missouri. We have a large selection of tropical fish, koi, goldfish, reptiles, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, pet rats, hermit crabs, and frogs. We also carry Taste of the Wild all natural dog food in the following varieties: Bison/Vennison,  Roasted Lamb, Fowl, & Salmon. We also have Taste of the Wild dry cat food in Trout/Salmon & Venison/Salmon flavors. Country Pets also has a huge selection of fish foods & supplies, reptile foods & supplies, small animal foods & supplies, aqauriums and stands, reptile habitats, small animal cages, dog & cat supplies, bird supplies,  garden pond supplies, live aquatic plants, frozen fish foods, crickets, and feeders at very reasonable prices.  Come visit our pet store today and see why people say we have one of the cleanest, knowledgeable, kid friendly pet stores around, with the lowest possible prices. We are open Monday thru Saturday for your shopping convenience. 


 Fishing Bait Now in Stock!
Minnows, Canadian Nightcrawlers & Crickets Available


Come Check Out our New Shipment of Koi

Pond Plants, Shubunkin Goldfish,
Sarassa Goldfish, Red Fantails, & Calico
Fantail Goldfish for Ponds Have Also Arrived!

Check Out Our Monthly Specials Page!



We Now Carry Repashy Crested Gecko Foods
Used by Crested Gecko Breeders & Owners Alike
All Over the Country


We are Now a Dealer for

Black Jack Reef Crack Frozen Marine Fish Food!

This is the Ultimate Marine Fish Food that Contains Everything All of Your Salt Water Fish Need Nutrition Wise including Fish, Squid, Mussel, Mysis, Green Algae, Red Plankton, Zoo Plankton, Copepods, Rotifers, & Oyster Eggs including particle sizes from 1 to 900 microns.

Dubia Feeder Roaches for Reptiles
Now Available at Country Pets!

  • Higher in Protein Than Crickets
  • Much Longer Life Span Than Crickets
  • No Odor Like Crickets
  • Quiet...No Chirping Like Crickets
  • Already Gut Loaded
  • Don't Jump Like Crickets
  • Non Aggressive-Won't Bite Your Reptiles
24 count cup of small roaches $4.95
24 count cup of medium roaches $6.95

  Store Hours
Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri- 10am to 6pm
Wed- 1pm to 6pm
Sat- 9am to 5pm


We Stock Taste of the Wild
All Natural Dog & Cat Foods
in Bison, Salmon, Wild Boar, Fowl, & Lamb Flavors

We Now Carry Saltwater Fish, Invertabraes,
Saltwater Foods, & Saltwater Supplies in Our Aquatic Line.
We Have a 90 Gallon Saltwater Display Tank in Our Store. Come Check it Out!

We Now Carry Nature Zone
Reptile Foods
Including Bearded Dragon Bites, Iguana Bites,
Tortoise Bites, Gecko Bites, & Cricket Bites
These are new soft bites that are readily accepted by most reptiles.


Check out Our Monthly Specials Page for This Month's
Sale Items!

Visit Us on Facebook Under Countrypets for Daily Updates
on New Fish, Reptile, and Animal Arrivals.

Store Hours: Mon. 10am-6pm, Tue. 10am-6pm, Wed. 1pm-6pm
Thurs. 10am-6pm, Fri. 10am-6pm, Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. Closed

Country Pets is located on Old 13 Highway (Holden Street), 1.5 miles north of 50 Highway in Warrensburg, Missouri.

Phone #660-747-2160
E-Mail: countrypetsandponds@yahoo.com

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